CUSTOM Personalized Aluminum Coordinates Cuff Bracelet


This is a gorgeous hand-stamped aluminum cuff bracelet that is 3/8 x (5, 6, or 7) inches in length and made of 14g pure 1100 food grade aluminum (silver in color). Average size is about 6 inches (I sell the most of this size). It is hand-stamped with the coordinates of your special place (i.e. where you met your significant other, location of where you were proposed to, where your baby was born, etc.) and I do have additional design stamps if you wanted to change the design stamp in the center.

We love special requests! If you would like another quote/phrase...please contact me for a price quote and custom listing!

As with all cuffs, be sure to put it on by sliding the opening over the narrowest part of your wrist and then gently turning into the cuff. This will avoid overworking the metal so that you have a lasting treasure.

Sizing (A Cuff Will Have Some Open Space):
4 Inches-Extra Small (4-5 Inches)
5 Inches-Small (5-6 Inches)
6 Inches-Small to Medium (6-7 Inches)
7 Inches-Medium to Large Wrist (8 Inches+)

Quantity-1 Cuff Bracelet

PLEASE NOTE: Our personalized custom charms, bracelets and necklaces are hand stamped using special tools. Thus, each piece will be unique and you should expect variations from the photos. No two pieces will be alike. Text and designs may not be absolutely perfect and straight as each letter is individually stamped. This gives you the unique detail to your charm and should not be considered a defect in craftsmanship.

DISCLAIMER: The font color/darkened letters can fade and/or disappear over time. This process may occur rather quickly if the jewelry is worn while sleeping, showering, swimming, cleaning, etc. When this happens, there is a quick and easy fix that you can do at home. You can use a black Testors Enamel Paint Pen (or Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Pen) to color in the letters...let it dry completely...then you can remove any excess ink/paint that is outside of the letters with a little bit (less is does not take much to take off the ink) of acetone nail polish remover (rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer works too) on a cotton makeup pad that you can find in the makeup section of Walmart for very little money (a tissue will work too). If you are seeking a different color you can use the "Painters" brand acrylic markers that can be bought at Walmart (Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Pens will work for this as well). Remove the excess by following the steps above.